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Hello! We are the artists from Russia.
We have an association - the production center.
It includes different directions of artists and genres.
We are interested in cooperation and organization of concert programs on your site (in your institution).
We would like to organize a tour, and we can also come by your request.


Invite professional drummers to your party. They play practically by anything, on anything, anywhere and anyhow!

There are various genres of show programs (Samba, Batukada, etc.) with 5 drummers including unusual numbers, for example, playing on cooler bottles, kitchen utensils, cajon and pop-bottle. This will make your holiday unusual and creative.

All formats of holidays can be applied: from a meeting of guests at your party or birthday to the corporate party of a large company. It can be opening of shops and car dealerships; the Russian tradition of wife purchasing and making the guests dance in the rhythm!

  • CRAZY BEATS slide 01
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 02
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 03
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 04
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 05
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 06
  • CRAZY BEATS slide 07

Interactive show with guests
If you have not decided yet how to surprise your guests at a corporate party, wedding, anniversary, graduation or sleepover, or you want to conduct team-building events, fun interactive show with more than 60 kinds of instruments is exactly what you need!

Children's programs
"Interactive with boomwhackers"
Boomwhackers are multi-colored, self-sounding tubes, in which each color corresponds to its own note. The conductor sets its rhythm to each color and in combination they form a melody as in an orchestra.
"Voicework of a cartoon or a fairy tale"
Some percussion instruments are handed over and children voice specific places in the scenario of a fairy tale or a cartoon (hoof beat, sunrise, thunder, miracle etc.)

One-man band Max Bitbox

This is modern original trend in the entertainment program. He rocks and grooves small and large areas, using loopstation creates a hymn of any holiday, company, wedding, graduation, and hence any event. Here and now he collects famous hits only by sound. His interactive programme with the participation of guests evokes emotions of surprise with original, unexpected solutions.

  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 01
  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 02
  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 03
  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 04
  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 05
  • Макс Битбоксер слайд 06
Макс Битбоксер видео
Time of performance: from 13 minutes.
The program duration with the vocalist is up to 35-40 minutes.

Singer Anara

Invite the eastern beauty with the pretty voice to your party. The extensive repertoire, modern setting of favorite songs of all generations will allow no guest to stay indifferent during the party, touching all sensual notes of the soul.

  • Певица Анара слайд 01
  • Певица Анара слайд 02
  • Певица Анара слайд 03
  • Певица Анара слайд 04
  • Певица Анара слайд 05
  • Певица Анара слайд 06
  • Певица Анара слайд 07
  • Певица Анара слайд 08
Певица Анара видео
The songs can be performed in Kazakh language, in national costumes.
The price is negotiable.

Welcome music band «THE NEW TASTE»

The team of professionals is an excellent option for welcome-zones, weddings and anniversaries, opening of salons and pleasant evening rest. By recording fragments of compositions and immediately using them, the musicians achieve polyphonic and polyrhythmic sounding. The vocalist can sing alone with himself in several parts, and the instrumentalist can reproduce the music of the whole band.

  • The New Taste слайд 01
  • The New Taste слайд 02
  • The New Taste слайд 03
  • The New Taste слайд 04
  • The New Taste слайд 05
  • The New Taste слайд 06
  • The New Taste слайд 07
The New Taste видео
Time: 1 hour / 2 exits for 30 minutes.

Biketrials Show

This unusual sport and entertaining show conducted on bicycles which is suitable to all types of playgrounds.

  • Biketrials Show слайд 01
  • Biketrials Show слайд 02
  • Biketrials Show слайд 03
  • Biketrials Show слайд 04
  • Biketrials Show слайд 05
  • Biketrials Show слайд 06
Biketrials Show видео
Program options:
Synchronous show and jumping over people
Duel on high jumping
Show program on the constructions
The program can be 3-5 hours non-stop, it includes 5 bicyclers.